Do you know your menstrual night?

Imagine the World Health Organization releasing a scientific study that claimed that sleeping isn’t necessary, that you only need to rest 15 minutes a day, that migraines and ailments caused by the lack of sleep are the result of bad diets so this or that pill will fix it all. This way, you can have more time for yourself to work, to produce…

Well, something similar happened to Women. No world organization or renowned representatives came by. It’s just that no one told us anything; silence as education.

No one told us it is very important, thanks to our menstrual cycle, that we enjoy these periods of rest, our menstrual night; that these breaks are Health, that they are necessary and vital…

No one told us that women need our time to sleep, to rest, to hibernate, to enter our cave and let settle everything that happened during the current month and integrate, comfortably keep and archive it… just like we do when we sleep, we keep all our experiences, we digest them.

But of course, those aren’t fruitful moments for the senseless capitalist chain of production and consumption… and if you feel aches or ailments during your premenstrual stage or menstruation… take a pill and that’s about it. This way, pharmaceutical companies get rich at the expense of our health: ibuprofens, Saldevas and so on.

Our menstrual night, when we have our menstruation, is the most introspective time of the month, a moment when you see the darkness and the light of your interior, a moment to focus and connect with your essence…

Imagine how it would be a society that doesn’t sleep and takes medicines against the lack of sleep… we would all be zombies, right? Has it ever happened to you that you couldn’t sleep for one, two or three nights?

As a mother this happens to me very often and every time I am a total zombie on the next day: I don’t know what I do or what do I want, I don’t have the power to decide by myself nor to assert my needs, I’m so fragile…

Well, this happens to many women: they feel fragile, like zombies, without a centre since they forgot to focus on themselves every month, to readjust their life, digest and let what they have lived settle. A time to connect with the essence, recognise it and wake up (along with the spring/pre-ovulation) connected with ourselves. A time to sleep, to disconnect from the world and connect with ourselves. A time of unbelievable power and wisdom.

Change is in our uterus…


Carla Trepat Casanovas, author of “Lilith’s treasure, a tale about sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle”

(translated from by Gabriel Mansó)

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