The Tale

What better present is there for girls than a story that accompanies them as they come to know and love themselves?

A tale to rediscover the magic and uniqness of our female sexuality, the incredible beauty that are our bodies and the deeply wisdom that it’s in it. Lilith’s Treasure is a story of sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle aimed at women of all ages, parents and children.

Let’s create a new generation of women that are proud and confident about their body, their sexuality, their pleasure and also their menstrual cycle.






Lilith’s Treasure

A story about sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle

Guide for teachers and parents by Anna Salvia Ribera, psychologist specialising in Sexual Health

How can we talk to our daughters, granddaughters… about pleasure, sexuality and the menstrual cycle?

How can we strengthen the bond of communication and trust between mothers and daughters from a young age?

As parents and educators, are we conscious that in childhood, sexuality and bodily pleasure are natural and positive?

How do we feel about these issues?



“Lilith’s Treasure facilitates young girls’ understanding of their bodies, it helps them understand, love, respect and take care of them-selves and their bodies. It conveys a positive image of the menstrual cycle, pleasure and sexuality, thus helping them to increase their self-esteem”
Maria Rosa Casanovas. therapist, trainer and coordinator of “Programa Alegra” (Training programs for tutors in self-esteem and emotional development of children and adolescents). 

With the guide for teachers and parents, educators (mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts, grandparents, …) can guide our children, with the help of the illustrations, through this wonderful transition towards becoming Women , the menstruation, and that gift of life that has been with us since a very young age, pleasure and sexuality.” Anna Salvia Ribera, psychologist specialised in sexual health. Writer of the book “ Viaje al ciclo menstrual”.

“With this tale, adults will learn to changleyendo_a_lilithe the common language into metaphoric language, making it easier for these images to reach more profoundly in young girls’ hearts, creating this way a feeling of respect and self-esteem towards themselves.” Vinces Olivé Pibernat. Funder and partner of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona. Gestalt & PNL-Coach.

“The wonderful coming of age guide every girl deserves – witty, poetic, beautiful and fulfilling. A book that opens up taboo subjects, elevates them and shows their beneficial, loving and healing side. The best present you can give to your daughter to help her transform from a child into a radiant, self-confident young woman.” Diana Fabiánová, filmmaker, director of Monthlies and The Moon Inside You

“This book is a beautifully illustrated enchanting story of what it means to be a woman which I hope will teach future generations of women the wonder and delight of their cyclic nature and female energies.” Miranda Gray, author of ‘Red Moon – Understanding and Using the Creative, Sexual and Spiritual Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle’ and originator of the ‘Worldwide Womb Blessing’ meditation –

More comments on the tale

“I found Lilith’s Treasure to be an awesome book! How beautiful, how colourful, what a care for details, and how necessary is to understand all of what the book touches upon, Grandma Margherita and her wisdom… well, everything was lovely.It really surprised me. Congratulations for this great work! A huge kiss!” Verónica

“In reality Carla, I want you to know that this is a beautiful book, the text, the illustrations, and the contents. I don’t even need to tell you how useful the didactic guide was for me. I’d almost tell you that it’s essential for a mother of 3 girls, whose mother never explained if we have 2 or 3 holes, never mind how beautiful it is to be a woman and take with us the “flower of life”. The book was a revelation for me. I believe I have to walk myself that path, which I’ve started since some time now, in order to be able to pass it onto my daughters. You can’t imagine what you have done for the life and happiness of many women! Thank you!!” Mónica Salas

“For me it was a reunion with my sexuality and pleasure, and in fact I woke up having had beautiful dreams, very meaningful dreams for my self-knowledge as a woman. The tale,its words and its illustration are truly beautiful and rich in symbolism. A symbolism that goes straight to the essence of being a young girl, and a woman. I found the didactic guide to be very interesting, and it made me want to read more from its author.” Rama

“Today my tale arrived. What a delicacy of words and illustrations, what a beautiful way of portraying us and make us feel better about ourselves. A tale that every young girl in the world should have. Thank you Carla.” Marta Lanjana 

“It’s been a few days since I received Carla’s tale: “El tesoro de Lilith” and I found it to be a precious tale from beginning to end; its illustrations, its words, and its messages, all told in a simple and loving way. It opens a positive view of femininity and the menstrual cycle, thus displacing the old believes about feminine nature. I recommend it 100%, in your hands the images are even nicer and the text can be re-read again and again in order for its ideas to get to our conscience and to help us value ourselves and enjoy ourselves a little more… Thank you very much Carla for having written and illustrated something like this! Ariane, Asturias

“Thank you Carla for this wonderful tale! I am a ante-natal training from more than 20 years: I passionately guide women trough all stages of pregnancy, offering my experience for them to be able to know and love their bodies. I always say that universe created me for this, certainly! To have your precious book  in my hands was like receiving a gift that came from the threes, transported by birds and butterflies, directed to my heart. A little voice told me “Take it for the young girls and for the women”! Continue with projects like this! A huge hug!” Pilar Pons Umbria

“How amazing it was to open the mailbox and find a paper copy of Lilith! It’s a precious tale, full of life. Thank you for having collaborated into creating something so beautiful and necessary. I’ll be waiting for you to come to Madrid for a chat. Big hug.” Carmen Pablo

“The tale is fantastic, the colours spectacular, an the didactic guide the bare minimum that all adults should read to start finding themselves, if they havent’s yet started 🙂 ” Sara Álvarez

“I just finished reading this little treasure that you created and that I was waiting for in my mailbox. It amazed me. Even though the tale is aimed for girls between 5 and 13 years old, I’d say that the book is aimed at the whole world. Carla, thanks for the book! We got it yesterday, and today I read it. Brilliant! The tale is perfect in paper (I had seen the power-point), and the didactic guide is fantastic! My compliments as well to Anna Salvia. I would just like to expand the involvement of men, as parents, as the mother’s partner (things that don’t have to coincide) as their way of living female cycles, sexuality, can influence girls’ health and enjoyment.” from the blog – El Salón de los espejos-

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    I am interested in this book to be delivered to UK. Can you please send me more info on how to order?


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