The secret wisdom of our uterus

There’s an invisible force in our interior, an energy that rocks us, accompanies us, invites us to dance, to move ourselves and, above all, to know parts of us that lay hidden… THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE.

Lots of women will die without knowing they have a Treasure, a Marvel that confers to them powers and wisdom about themselves and the world they inhabit.

Those live blindly, avoid knowing, forgetting to learn.

… And they keep beating themselves up, against their selves, against the world, against their partners, their jobs, something is wrong in them. Why me? They wonder.

Like a butterfly that wants to come out of its cocoon, the time has come to know our feminine nature, to live our cyclical life, a life connected with the most ancient forces of nature, our body and the world.


primaveraThe follicular phase: SPRING

I’m pure energy and vitality!

I feel renewed, eager to do thousands of things,

Direct, decided, extroverted

Like a sprout going towards the sun,

Full of power, I can, I am!

veranoThe ovulation phase: SUMMER

I feel complete, fertile, calm, empathic.

I enjoy sharing what I am and what I have.

Like an apple tree hands its fruits over

I devote myself to life.



The luteal phase: AUTUMN

I feel sensitive, it’s time to nestle,

To slowly go to my interior, towards my cave.

I reflect on myself, on life, on the world

I start seeing what’s occult for the eyes, what one cannot see.

Now I see with the eyes of my womb

And I can get to know the darkness.

inviernoThe menstrual phase: WINTER

I’m quite, in peace, composed

I respect my low energy and rest.

I dream, I connect with the deepest part of my self.

Like a seed, like a star,

Pulsing slowly and shining internally.

I only exist for myself, only for myself, only for myself.

And this is only the beginning, there’s more, a lot more to know about each phase, each menstrual phase, about this ancestral feminine dance… recall… listen… stop and feel…

Women need to recall, we need to live connected to our cyclical nature and share that with other women, with our daughters, with our partners, with everyone. Women are half the world population or even more and it’s about time our changes be respected, our cycles and gifts be recognized and valued.

Lillith’s treasure is not only a story to recollect this lost internal wisdom, it’s an ANCESTRAL REVOLUTION of connection with nature and the essence that lives in our interior. A seed has emerged so that we get our knowledge and power back and above all, our capacity of intuition.

Let blood run off!

But only our uterus’,

Only once a month,

Placidly, to the ground, creating roots,

Reaching the centre of the Earth,

To connect myself,

To renew myself.

Spread the word!

Written by:

Carla Trepat Casanovas, Researcher of Feminine Wisdom and creator of the book Lilith’s treasure, a tale about sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle”.

(Translated from by Gabriel Mansó ).

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