How to get the sensitivity of our uterus back?

When a girl becomes a teenager she has such a rigid and contracted uterus that even the smallest openings of the cervix during the menstruation produce strong pains to her. But we do know about youngsters who used to have very painful periods that stopped having such pains after acquiring consciousness of their uterus, visualizing it, sensing it and relaxing it.

If you become aware of the uterus, visualize it, sense it and relax it you can get better and more satisfactory results than saldevas.

In order to regain the uterine sensitivity the first thing we need to do is explain our daughters since their very early age that they do have an uterus, what it is for and how it works. We need to tell them that when they brim with love and emotion their uterus palpitates with pleasure. We have to reclaim the true belly dances with them, so when they reach adolescence they won’t have painful periods but rather feel that special state of well-being.

We’ve got to recover the oral transmission of the true wisdom, a wisdom made out of experience, complicity and visceral empathy, that is, a gaiatic wisdom that is communicated from the bottom, outside of the relationships of Authority. A wisdom that flows with the symphony of life, spilled along with desire, that knows without knowing that it knows practically it all about the feminine condition hidden in Hades and recognizes what is good and what is bad for human life.

Women have to talk many things to ourselves. From woman to woman, from woman to girl, from mother to daughter, from belly to belly.

Casilda Rodrigañez

(translated from by Gabriel Mansó)


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