This book has been written for girls of all ages, based on the belief that the magic of tales and metaphors helps convey the information that we need at precise moments in our lives – very often even without realising it. The message goes directly to the unconscious.

Lilith’s Treasure will help transmit to our daughters the beauty and the power of female sexuality, and allow them to walk their path confidently and sure of themselves. It will also serve to open discussion about these topics so girls will be inspired to make them a part of their lives and ask questions about them.

The sexual organs of girls

El tesoro de lilith-7Very different, on the contrary, is the life of a woman who knows her own body, and who since childhood has been aware of how her body works!

In order to get to this point, female organs ought to be part of a young girl’s daily life. They should be shown through images, or directly on her own mother’s body. It is also good to teach a young girl to look at her own vulva through a little mirror. This will help her know herself, accept herself and take care of herself.

In this tale a special emphasis is given to the uterus through its representation as the Flower of Life inside the body of a woman. The uterus is a very powerful organ, completely forgotten by our society, absolutely indispensable for the menstrual and reproductive cycle, for pleasure (arousal and orgasm), and for intuition (the uterus being the intuitive center of every woman).

Nothing is said about this organ, so that we grow up ignoring it. Many adult women cannot perceive and detect it in their bodies

The Menstrual Cycle

El tesoro de lilith-5Sexually, a woman’s life can be divided into three important stages: childhood, fertility, and maturity.

During fertility women are cyclical. This means that they follow the rhythm of a pattern which is periodically re- peated (the menstrual and the reproductive cycle), while the stages of childhood and maturity are linear. All women need to include this kind of knowledge of their biography from childhood on.

The Menarche

“Menarche” is another name for the first menstruation. Though the passage from childhood to fertility takes place over a period of between five and ten years (the period spanning adolescence), the menarche is an event which symbolically marks this change, and it should be given special attention.

A girl will look forward to living her menarche if her family understands how the menstrual cycle works, and if they respect and celebrate a woman’s needs at each stage.

The Stages of the Menstrual Cycle

In Lilith’s Treasure two allegorical figures symbolize the changes that women live through during each stage of their cycle. On the one hand you have the Flower of Life (which represents the events occurring inside the sexual apparatus). On the other hand you have the trees (Grandma Margarita and Lilith), who represent the changes in the general state of a woman.

The menstrual cycle is very easy to un- derstand when each stage is conceived of in relation to the seasons: Spring is the pre-ovulatory stage, summer is the ovulatory stage, autumn is the pre-menstrual stage, and winter is the menstrual stage. For this reason, Grandma Marga- rita illustrates a different season in each stage of the cycle, and the behaviour of Lilith conveys the essence of each stage.

In the images of the Flower of Life you should meet the main protagonists of the activity occurring in the sexual apparatus throughout the menstrual cycle: Endometrium, Ovule, and Cervical Mucus.

Girls are always ready to listen to the charming story of the menstrual and reproductive cycle if it is presented to them as a tale, with heroes and emotions, and not like a school class of human biology separated from the reality of life.
Butterflies: the pleasure

El tesoro de lilith-6The physiology of pleasure is part of being human and is present even before birth: states of
arousal are common in both girls and boys
during gestation. Girls begin feeling pleasure and excitement when they are quite young. We can observe changes in skin colour and cardiac and respiratory rhythm, daydreaming, muscular hypertonia, and following all that, relaxation.

Experiencing sexuality is very different for young people than it is for adults. During the first six years of life, sexuality is more spontaneous. Children enter and return from sexual ex- citement as part of the spontaneous game of life. The best part of sexuality, when you are a young boy or girl, is that pleasure is decentralized and runs free throughout the whole body. This is because it has not been culturally restricted and classified like adult sexuality.

A healthy sexual education must accept that boys and girls are sexual beings, and that sexuality is a positive aspect of human life. Therefore, instead of being repressed it should be explored, and little girls and boys should be helped in ways suitable to their personal development.

El tesoro de lilith-13

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