Menstruate without sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cup… HOW?

vagina petalsIt seems impossible that we wouldn’t need to use sanitary pads, tampons or the new menstrual cups, … but … COULD IT BE?



You only need a lot of practice, dedication and time… I’ll explain it…

Imagine if adults were always wearing nappies, if parents didn’t think of teaching their kids to control their pee, and we were simply used to urinate and defecate on nappies.

If there was someone that doesn’t use nappies, we wouldn’t believe them, how would they know when they need the toilet? Do they not get everything dirty? Do they spend the whole day thinking if they have to pee or not?

And the truth is that once you control it, it’s quite easy, right?

Then ladies, it’s the same with menstruation!

Nobody ever taught us that in the same way, our body warns us ahead when we need the toilet, menstruation is not a continuous blood flow, we bleed one moment, and then we stop, and then again and then we stop (same as pee) And the body warns us before we start bleeding!

We simply need to learn how to listen to our body and to our uterus, to understand the messages it’s sending us.

At first it’ll be the same as learning anything else, there will be mistakes and adjustments, but it’s just a matter of practising to reconnect the conscience of our uterus with our day to day lives and we can learn how to menstruate without nappies.

Simply listening to when we need to eject blood and going to the toilet to let it out (or in a tree or plant if we want to give them a fantastic gift 🙂 )

I am practising, and I invite you to try it, when you are on your periods don’t put sanitary pads and dedicate some time to listen to how your uterus  and your vagina works (since vagina can contract and thus contain the blood giving us the time to get to the toilet… plus it’ll be a great exercise for the perineum!!) 

When you are not wearing pads you’ll be much more conscious not to leave stains, (of course it’s better to leave the wedding dress for other occasions, to practice better use panties and old trousers…) and practice, practice, practice!!

I will let you know, and I hope you’ll let me know.



p.s.: think about the millions that sanitary pads companies make, do you think they’d want this information to be known? Or is it better that we don’t have an idea of how our bodies work, for them to sell us more and more pads and tampons, that will not only endure our ignorance, but also destroy our planet..

Come on!

The people are awaken and can learn!

Imagine if girls started menstruating like that since their first periods… INCREDIBLE RIGHT? Well, it’s on us now to teach them. It’s on us to show them that another path is possible!

Article written by: Carla Trepat author of El Tesoro de Lilith

 Translated by: Diletta Elisa Taris

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