About the Author

Carla Trepat was born the 23rd of May 1987, in Barcelona.

She began her career as a Clown, working as an animator for children as well as working to revitalise familiar activities, both recreational and educative. She collaborates as an actress for Intervida (now Educo) in the play Mercado del niño trabajador (Market of the working child). She continues her career investigating the expression of the body, the voice and movement, oriented towards the research of genuine expression through the body.

Creator, together with Maria Rosa Casanovas of the Programa alegra, training programmes on self-esteem and emotional development of children and adolescents. 

In November 2012 she writes, illustrates and self-edits ‘El tesoro de Lilith’, a tale about sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle.

2 Comments on “About the Author

  1. Hi Carla,
    Karin told me of your book and I have just ordered it. It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get my pack. I work with mothers and daughters and this will be a great resources to share with them. Congratulations and thank you!


    • Dear jane, thank you for your words! Lilith’s Treasure soon will be printed and delivered to you, I’m sure it will be a source of inspiration for your work. With love, Carla


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