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Crowdfunding campaign!

In October 2017 we will need your help to make this dream come true: Print Lilith’s treasure! We will initiate a crowdfunding campaign to … collect the money to be able to print  and distribute the first 2000 copies, can…

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The mysteries of Sexuality

“It was a reunion with my sexuality and pleasure, and in fact I woke up having had beautiful dreams, very meaningful dreams for my self-knowledge as a woman. The tale, its words and its illustration are truly beautiful and rich in symbolism. A symbolism that goes straight to the essence of being a young girl, and a woman.” Rama

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The magic of menstrual cycle

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“The wonderful coming of age guide every girl deserves – witty, poetic, beautiful and fulfilling.” Diana Fabiánová, filmmaker, director of “The Moon Inside You” and “Monthlies”.

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