Lilith is the model of the woman that rejects masculine dominance. She was created in the same moment as Adam, hence she wanted to be considered his equal. While Adam willingly accepted everything that was said, she needed to get to the bottom of it. This demonstrated an absolute control over her sexuality. She is a puzzle that’s almost impossible to solve; she has been called Poet of Darkness, Demon of Impetuosity (violent force/impulsive), and in some occasion she’s been identified as the Sneak of the Garden of Eden. She fought for her freedom as an individual and she maintained her moral values unchanged. When she was expelled, Adam received a much more docile and naive companion, Eve.

In some accounts it is said that Lilith appeared to Eve, as a sneak, to open her eyes and to make them equals.

Menstruate without sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cup… HOW?

vagina petalsIt seems impossible that we wouldn’t need to use sanitary pads, tampons or the new menstrual cups, … but … COULD IT BE?



You only need a lot of practice, dedication and time… I’ll explain it…

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Miranda Gray

“This book is a beautifully illustrated enchanting story of what it means to be a woman which I hope will teach future generations of women the wonder and delight of their cyclic nature and female energies.”

Miranda Gray, author of ‘Red Moon – Understanding and Using the Creative, Sexual and Spiritual Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle’ and originator of the Worldwide Womb Blessing meditation – www.wombblessing.com

The Secrets of Menstruation

“Our menarche, our first bleed, is when our song, our life purpose, our truth is awakened in us.
With each cycle we sing louder, speak truthfully and nurture that bud as we respond to, and work with, the lessons it provides, allowing us to open and grow in the awesomeness of who we are.”

Lisa Lister – The Sassy She

The mysteries of Sexuality

The magic of menstrual cycle

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“The wonderful coming of age guide every girl deserves – witty, poetic, beautiful and fulfilling.Diana Fabiánová, filmmaker, director of “The Moon Inside You” and “Monthlies”.

The power of Menstruation