Our menstruation has a secret – The power to create our dreams

However, we can only achieve this amazing ability if we take our time to rest and dream during our bleed.

This month, promise yourself that you are going to take your time to rest, to daydream about your future and to honor this incredible creative ability that lives in you.

Miranda Gray has a tale about the First Woman, it says:

“The Winter’s Witch found herself sat on a big rock while smoking a pipe. ‘What are you doing?’ Asked the First Woman. She was curious because the Winter’s Witch hadn’t moved from the rock for the entire morning.  ‘I’m creating’ said the Winter’s Witch.
‘Oh’, said the First Woman while looking around expectantly. ‘What are you creating?’
‘Smoke’ said the Winter’s Witch, looking at how the smoke slowly rose from her pipe.
‘Alright’ said the First Woman haltingly, and started to go backwards.

As soon as the First Woman left, the Winter’s Witch gently said ‘In the smoke, I see and create the future’. Later on, the First Woman shared this odd encounter with Mother Moon.
‘In the darkness of your Lunar Bleed’ told Mother Moon ‘you have the power to create your dreams just like the Winter’s Witch’. Mother Moon touched the First Woman’s heart. Read More

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To my daughter

Today I want to share with you a letter sent to me by Elena Sofía Zambrano. I got this letter over a year ago and I kept it as a treasure, as if it was a seed waiting to see light, and today I felt it calling me, asking to be shared, so it could inspire your hearts, just as it has inspired mine.

To my daughter by Elena Sofía Zambrano

“I think I’m still far from that day and I don’t even know if that day will ever come, but if I had a daughter today, I would show her how incredibly wonderful it is to be alive.

I’d sing to her every day, so she could learn that a bit of our soul hides within music and that when singing, our hearts get filled with good things. Read More

Christiane Northrup, MD

“Lilith’s Treasure is just that. A treasure. A reclaiming of the beauty and riches within our female body. Written with sensitivity and love and joy. I love this book”

Christiane Northrup, MD

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Mother Daughter Wisdom


Self-esteem begins at home


Self-esteem begins at home, not with compliments but with respect.

Respecting one’s feelings and necessities.

We sometimes think that by constantly praising our child, grandchild, niece or nephew, we are making them happy and increasing their self-esteem.

Since this might not always be the case, today I will leave you with a re-flection; and you can freely decide what you take and what you do not.

– Today I was at the playground with my daughter and my mother, happy to be able to celebrate a day with the family. As usual I was thinking about how our actions affect children.

As it often happens, my daughter took some other girl’s toy, and since this little girl didn’t want her to take it, she protested. Immediately her mum told her that she needed to share, and told her to give away the toy, so the little girl left the toy and annoyed went somewhere else to play. My daughter stopped for a moment, observing the situation, left the object and went to play somewhere else as well.

Read More

Dr. Margaret Paul

“This is a stunningly beautiful book that reaches deep into the heart and soul. It moved me to tears. I would love for all young girls to read this book.”

Margaret Paul, Ph.D, co-author of “Healing Your Aloneness,” and author of “Inner Bonding”. www.InnerBonding.com

Diana Fabiánová

“The wonderful coming of age guide every girl deserves – witty, poetic, beautiful and fulfilling. A book that opens up taboo subjects, elevates them and shows their beneficial, loving and healing side. The best present you can give to your daughter to help her transform from a child into a radiant, self-confident young woman.”

Diana Fabiánová, director of Monthlies and The Moon Inside You