Our menstruation has a secret – The power to create our dreams

However, we can only achieve this amazing ability if we take our time to rest and dream during our bleed.

This month, promise yourself that you are going to take your time to rest, to daydream about your future and to honor this incredible creative ability that lives in you.

Miranda Gray has a tale about the First Woman, it says:

“The Winter’s Witch found herself sat on a big rock while smoking a pipe. ‘What are you doing?’ Asked the First Woman. She was curious because the Winter’s Witch hadn’t moved from the rock for the entire morning.  ‘I’m creating’ said the Winter’s Witch.
‘Oh’, said the First Woman while looking around expectantly. ‘What are you creating?’
‘Smoke’ said the Winter’s Witch, looking at how the smoke slowly rose from her pipe.
‘Alright’ said the First Woman haltingly, and started to go backwards.

As soon as the First Woman left, the Winter’s Witch gently said ‘In the smoke, I see and create the future’. Later on, the First Woman shared this odd encounter with Mother Moon.
‘In the darkness of your Lunar Bleed’ told Mother Moon ‘you have the power to create your dreams just like the Winter’s Witch’. Mother Moon touched the First Woman’s heart.

‘Imagine that your dreams are here’, she told her, ‘sense your heart opening up and the vibration will flow along with the threads that keep the Universe united to create your dreams and future. That is why your Lunar Bleed days are so important. The Winter’s Witch walks with you then and takes you to her cave to rest and dream.’
Then the Mother Moon touched the First Woman’s belly.

‘Inside’ she said, ‘you flow with the creative energy. You take your ideas from darkness to light and you nurture them while they grow like a mother would. Before you go back to the dark to rest, free them to the world so that you can dream again.’
The First Woman sat down for the rest of the afternoon with her hands on the lower belly, staring at the smoke coming out from her heart, picturing her future and weaving her dreams.

When we respect our cycles and their sexual and creative energies we discover the marvelous gifts that they offer to us.”

Images: Agnès Mateu


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